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We are a leading city packers & movers in India, and always maintain the best possible services and quality while relocating people and their goods in India. The cost of professional packers is utilized from our side to ensure the amazing packers and movers in India. Our using of the best Packing Materials from certified vendors has made us a name to be proud of. We use the Packing Materials like...

1. Carton Boxes

We exploit carton boxes in Hyderabad of wide-ranging sizes for diverse usages. "Besides the use of 5-ply and7-ply carton boxes near me, our vast range also includes customized monitor boxes, big boxes for kitchen utensils, TV boxes, and others."

2. Customized Hard plastic Boxes

We make full use of Customised plastic container Maximum for security, Maximum durability for crockery, glassware and other breakable.

3. Wooden Crates

Glasses, electronic goods, crockery, etc are packed with our wooden crates, and we prepare such crates after the measurement of the goods.

4. Corrugated Rolls

We utilize 5 plies and 7 ply Corrugated sheets to pack furniture and other shapeless material.

5. Foam sheet

1mm to 4mm Foam sheet is utilized for packing softwood furniture, sofas, electronic items, artifacts, wood miniatures, etc.

6. Bubble sheet

Electronic items, wood furniture, crockery and glassware, computer, etc are layered by us with a bubble sheet, as they work as a shock-absorbent Packing Materials.

7.Foam Board or Polystyrene

To avoid outer damage of materials like electronic goods, electrical appliances, glasses, mirrors, computers, wall painting, etc, we use Foam Board or Polystyrene

8. Stretch Films

The 20 to 50-micron plastic sheets of Strechfilm are taken in use as the top layer of packing and also avoid any seepage of moisture while packing and moving.

9. Wooden pallets

We offer the base for heavy materials and support the handling of wooden Pallets.

10. Adhesive tapes

The need for sealing the cartons and holding the packing together is done with the help of Adhesive tapes by us while taking up the relocation task in India.